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Written in my heart

Published - 2018 Chapbooks by TL Boehm

I am thrilled to be able to offer you two books of poetry published by the amazing Indie publishing house Rad Writing. 

The Nine Worlds is a poetic adventure through the mythical worlds of the Norse

Haunted Shores is an homage to the tales of "ghoulies and ghosties and long leggedy beasties"

Both of these chapbooks may be purchased on the Rad Writing website along with some other amazing novels, chapbooks and editions of Rad's flagship magazine Mavguard.

Written in my heart....

This site is representative of a body of work spanning almost 40 years of writing. During that time, I have grown from an agnostic teen to a committed Christian adult. In bringing my work to the site, I see that same shift in my writing subject matter and style. My hope is that as you read through the pages here, you too will see that change. Rather than present a glossy "image" of myself all cleaned up, I simply want to share my journey with you. Life is a process and some of the writing here is still in that process. Some of my characters are ill mannered, but if God can stay with me through the duration, I can stay with them until they are whole and healed. I pray you find relevance, humor and encouragement on these pages. I have placed a "content warning" on any page that contains sensitive subject matter and I encourage you to use your own discretion concerning the few pages that contain more adult or sensitive themes.

This site is updated regularly  I hope you will spend some time reading - and leave a bit of feedback in the Guestbook.


TL Boehm, May 2019