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A Pox On it All

Posted by Tammy L Boehm on June 27, 2009 at 5:37 PM

So I FINALLY got the epic spreadsheets from Dante's nightmare fodder completed...I excrete thee not - you try hand keying data for over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND lines of excel text and see how SANE you are afterwords. (and that's why I make the BIG bucks) What an awesome frothy cap to a death, a graduation, and a key coworker quitting all in the space of two weeks. Here I am desirous of tears and mourning but NO! I'm consigned to the dregs of TWELVE HOUR DAYS culminating in two more hours of sweaty cursing at my "home desk" just to keep my organizational hindparts out of the trash masher....

And so here I am. This week should be quieter. I only have the much delayed grad party tonight and the four day youth conference and summer school registration (breathe Tammy, breathe....) Brace yourself - I feel a snit coming on....

The only time I glanced at AOL in passing - I am bombarded by Hollywood crepe and anguish...yes I know. So many loved MJ and Farrah and Ed...when we are children - summers are short and school days are forever and we see our whole lives flung out before us like picnic blankets on summer grass. But then the years - they spin faster - and suddenly 13 year old hipsters are fifty something and the years of living under the worlds microscope have made them "odd" - and we find ourselves sucking the marrow from the broken bones of an image that was never real - no matter who precious it was when we were young...We feed off the misery of cancer and demerol and destitution...because as we wane in our own haze of normalcy - it makes us somehow feel better. God meted out great tragedy along with incredible talent and beauty. We will all pass from this life - some of us with lights and sound but most of us - quietly. Leaving little to nothing behind for those who truly love us for who we are...maybe a tie tac, a rumpled suit....curling photos....sigh...

We now interrupt this slobbering rampage for the drone of real life as only a Tamster knows it...The manchild is dressed and the super walmart waits, beckoning us with melons and plastic technicolor cups for a teen barbeque....and I, parental one that I am must revel in the glow of a 17 year old who has actually COMPLETED SOMETHING! (that being 12 years of free schoolin')

In short. I've never stopped listening to MJ or thinking Farrah was beautiful. Call me an escapist, but why would I want to embrace the tragic passing - why breathe in the horrific concoction of cancer and self mortification passed off by the media as NEWS. Don't we have enough personal sorrow to last a LIFETIME? Love 'em. Miss 'em. But don't show me the "Final moment" as tho' it is worthy of an altar and a church building. I find it apalling and detrimental to the 49 or 61 prior years of life....however blonde it may have been.

Peace. where's my car keys?

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