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Thats It! I cant stand it!

Posted by Tammy L Boehm on July 13, 2009 at 6:04 PM

Whereupon our nemisis, the Banshee screams into the room - dragging chains and kicking hapless housepets. Steps up to mic...Enter Tam to cut the power before the bandwidth is inundated by a stream of expletives so foul so obnoxious even Eminem wouldn't quote me.

So I've spent two hours fighting with Mr Qwest box who - like a waitress at a bad mexican food joint can't get it right between "Red and Green" - I've been pummeled by soundeffects from Knowing (Nick Cage. Love you baby but DAMN! Lighten up, will ya?) (note: Cage is tolerable but the movie sucked. How much special effects - apocalyptic - blue men to the rescue pseudo revelation sci fant can we swallow? Toss it on the shelf with Tornado and Meteor, please.) Give the man a new remote and he sets it to "Houston, we have liftoff."

I tried to be nice. I tried to write poetry. But NO! whilst I was attempting to access my cheesy little poetry page what do I find in the history tracker but "simsonsporn" and "Lisaf*cksbart" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My children are VERY close, yes VERY close to losing the physical body parts to EVER reproduce. I'll kill 'em bof wif m' bare hands!

And there it is. The thing that pushes me right over the edge into foaming, venomous fits of rage. Get a clue! Porn is a mofo of epic proportions. It kills families. It is a soul eating monster and it needs to go. People who promote it are emotional MURDERERS.

Sex and intimacy between two who deeply love and respect each other is a GIFT. It is meant to be protected and treasured. Quit trivializing it. Quit joking about it. Quit putting performance pressure on it with steamy scenes of paid professionals - quit whoring it out on the street - JUST STOP IT! The ish on the internet and in the corner store with the big fence and stupid neon sign is bad enough but what really caps it is when some well meaning buddy tells me after I've mentioned that things are a bit quiet in the bedroom de Boehm "why don't you go rent a porno and watch it together. IS YOU CRAZY? Again. If it ain't hap'nin - talk to the person it ain't hap'nin with. Don't cheapen the relationship by throwing porn at it.

You know, maybe if we taught our young 'uns to be comfortable in their physical bodies - and to be givers instead of selfish asses who just want a quick fix for whatever itch they have - that men and women aren't property - that "hitting that" or "tapping that" is only cool in bongos and beer kegs HAVE SOME FREAKIN' RESPECT! MY God.

I don't know which one of the little maggots was lookin' up comiporn on my PC but if I figure it out - he's dead meat. Its disgusting on any level. I won't have it in my house and I won't promoted. Women are meant to be treasured, not trivialized.

Again. Nothing wrong with sex. But its not like an exercise tape or a damn pot pie. Its part of a relationship. An investment. I consider it part of a covenant relationship myself. Only one man has dominion over me. And I have dominion over him. And we dont need not bow chicka wow wow...we're willing to work it out, you know...practice. (Smirks)

Seriously. Pornography is as dangerous and as addicting as any drug on the planet. It is a gateway to child molestation, to prostitution, to the sex slave wrecks marriages and families...its not casual. Its insidious. It is the complete opposite of love.

I'm wondering if I can give the computer a scrubdown and a shower....

and yes. I have had personal experience with the effects of porn. Perhaps if my dad had not been a consumer of it - who knows? Maybe he never would have paid for "other services" Maybe my mom wouldn't have retaliated by lifting her dress every time she met a new guy...maybe he wouldn't have exposed himself to me....maybe mom wouldn't have beaten me...I'll never know. But the monster isn't coming into MY house, that's for DAMN sure.

*I'm going to caveat this. I know some of you write erotic poetry - and those of you who do - are very conscientious about advising your friends when you have writing that contains adult content. I deeply appreciate that - and I am not addressing those of you who write for yourselves or your partner - I've written a bit of eros myself. I am addressing specifically the sick crap that is sold in magazines - DVD's - that kind of thing...

And if that ain't all. I'm over on my cheesy poetry page, stopping by a good friends new poem and there's this avatar....some crotch shot with black butt floss and a hand in the mix right there - on a site where young un's socialize - where I socialize...And this is how you want 17000 other writers to identify your talents? Works better if you have your fingers on your keyboard....doncha think?

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