TL Boehm - Writer

Written in my heart

Dream Like A Child 

Raven spirals in silent skies
I think that I 
Would like to fly away too
If my anxious heart could only rise
No reason why

I'd be aloft against the blue

Color shifts from gray to green
I almost see
Destiny in a clearer light
If I could only grasp what love might mean
I would be free
Shed this fear and take flight

Gentle wind singing through trees
Reminding me
Of music I've yet to pen
Send my cares away on a summer breeze
And I would be 
Able to dream again

Close my eyes and imagine
Like a child again 
Let my heart soar and then
Dream like a child again
T L Boehm 
Picture is Kasha Ketuwe Tent Rocks In New Mexico 

Lit Within - For Poetess Emily Burns





Perhaps you fell from quantum heights


To rest gentle by the brook

Chortling as she dashes past you

The rocks will cry out


You wait patiently

Warn smooth by wind and water

You cannot fathom

The way the dappled light


Dances across your prism skin

Sets you sparkling

So brilliant I am blinded

Small stones unnoticed

Render treasure

At the touch of the Maker’s hand

Tooled, spun and refined

And set in metal


Tempered to reveal

The treasure of you

Lit within 


At World's End

At Worlds End


Arrest your measured steps

Sever the shroud wrapped damp

Against your weathered skin

And begin

To breathe peace

Solace at the terminus of earth and sky

The tidal flood upwelling quelled  

And water empty

Waits to embrace us

You are so tired yet you hesitate

To surrender

Slip beneath the waves

Where you are free


*Hvor valkyrjene hvile sine sverd, de grønne jord kløyver mot myke vinger

I can see the curve of the world in your eyes

Map my life in the lines of your calloused hands

What a ride

I remember every turn of the wheel

The surge of the engines and the sound of your voice

You were a simple song sung under cover of falling leaves

And was the capricious evening breeze

We’re a symphony

The last refrain shimmers

In the memory of strings stretched warm

The timbre of life

At worlds end

TL Boehm



Norwegian: (*Where valkries rest their swords, the verdant earth cleaves against soft wings) 

For David Boehm  

Lost In Your Words 

I find myself


Letting your words spill

Fragrant like crushed flowers

To settle at the base of my spine

The lush moments


And daydreams

Effervesce on the tongue

I savor the phrases

And catch my breath

There are days I could drown

Let my foundations crumble

In the torrent of you

My mouth full of succulent fruit

Un-bruised by the hungry palette

I could drown

Looking up at metaphors

You fling like stars in my night sky

The thrill of sacred and profane

Crystalized on the tip of your pen

The alchemy of lovers



Nightmares that creep with words

Stretched over bone

And those that dance

Enrapt within

Surrender of flesh and spirit

I am lost in the power of your words…

TL Boehm 




If I let myself rise

On heady thoughts

The flash of color through trees

Song burst and dappled light

With the efficacy of butterflies

Metamorph my melancholy

And send me capricious on the spring breeze

Slip the cerement of winter

From this thin skin

And luminesce

I would transcend

Empty skies and silence

Let the riot in my brain

Melt into a palette of color and soft sounds

Meadows and buttercups un-bruised beneath my feet

Let the cool water leach into my innermost

Quench me

And I could be satisfied




The Sea Inside

Your voice fell in whispers
With the cadence of rain 
Thrumming against the windowpanes
The rush of mourning doves 
And albatross dreams

I am the storm tossed 
Sea inside 
Angry skies 
Breathe me in 
And I become gravid
With the weight of your soul
You are cool blue water 
Gentle surf teases
This fractured shoreline
Scuttle up ancient things
The tide brings both sorrow 
And exaltation
Let me drown in you now
Carry me out to the depth of you 
Lift the anchor 
And cast me away

Moments Sacred 08/14/10

There are moments sacred

in that predawn sanctuary of your arms

I still drift away

Serene in the ebb and flow of light.

Quiet blue eyes that see only me

And the vision is enough

Your voice as you pray.

Distant drumming thunder

I dance

Hands outstretched

Fingertips wet with remembrance of the rain.

You are love without shame.

Embrace me with weathered hands

And I am safe

Tracing scars and storylines

Little boy laughter and airplane rides

Newborn pups cupped in your palms

So many tears wiped clean

From my cheeks

When the deluge in my heart crashes through....

I find sanctuary

Iin the rise and fall of your chest

As you sleep wrapped around me

And there are moments sacred

When chaos fades

And you are all I see…


For my husband - with love.... 

Lifting 2008


Sweet summer morning
Silent before birds singing
Welcome sunlight rising
Over windowpanes spilling
With the anticipation of daybreaking

I am listening
To your steady breathing
Softly snoring
Perhaps you're dreaming
Thoughts skipping
like stones dipping
Under cool water trickling
Toes skimming
Wavelets tickling
All your hopes surfacing
Love is believing
In you, knowing
Forever is in the learning
Two becoming
One destiny ascending
You'll find me whispering
soft secrets warm with meaning
between us nothing
more than this embracing
This blessing
Of living
TLB 061208



Single minded sister
Solitary soul searching
For my whole
Set my purpose defined
Within my spotlight mind
Could see that when you found me
My perfected sight was blind
Filled the emptiness in me

Wistful litanies
Distractions the futility
Of intimate action
Wife and mother not for me
The daydream others
Ceased to be desired destiny
Surprised to find in your eyes
The reflection of a family

This frantic spinning pace
A circular path I race
From frustration to futility
You took my hand and
Changed my course
With measured steps
you run with me
Without you where would I be

TL Boehm 070408
- For Dave


Valleys - For Joyce

May be you see my life
Across miles and years
The gentle rolling hills and valleys
Verdant earth that ebbs
And flows
Summer grass cool beneath
Wearied feet
Lazy sunsets slip soft and smoky
Rest for another day
Quiet against my breast
Breath measured
I treasure you
Sheltered in my embrace

Is this your love
Blinded to the rifts
The ragged cliffs
Barren and ravaged
Weathered scars
Torrential rains and landslide chaos
Define me
Canyons so deep
Light never descends
Do you find beauty
In my weathered soul
The rush of ascent
As you fly from this valley
Pinnacle bound
and breathless
Love is rarified air

I am your oasis
In the shifting sands
Drifting dunes and valleys
I shimmer in your love
Your mirage
A vision of shelter
TL Boehm

Descant of Light

The raconteurs of spring
winging whispered sonnets
chase the woollen winter malaise
from silent skies
fluttered hush of doves
herald the nirvana of dawn
Shadowed palette of dusky hues
muted blues spun somber grey
give way
the subtle brush fades
to the rush
of insatiable light
the alchemy of day
and night
Dismiss this imbroglio
melancholy thoughts
Bitter vignette of lamentations
words chilled expire on lips
disappearing wisps
My spirit lifts
in the blush of sun
dancing across pristine paper
arias burst in the illumination
scattered saffron pollen
blessing multiplied
my hands industrious
I lift my eyes....
The avatar of hope supplies
this descant of light

These Breathless Moments

These breathless moments
Dreams flutter boundless
Pinioned on stellar winds
Constellations rise in indigo eyes
And I pull in spinning
Euphoric aspirations glow
In vertigo as the accretion heats
Birthing a new universe
I am astounded by the light

Interminable epochs
Found me comatose
At the divination point
The juncture of the void and life
I dance the staccato steps of departure
Memory of thin skin disappears
Beatific vision shimmers
In glistened entreaties
*Lacrimae sunt arma femina.
Console me with forever
The emulation of flight defines me
Zenith in your twilight skies
On Heaven's breath I rise

*tears are the weapons of woman
TL Boehm


The Boundaries of Fire

Daybreak waits
Chill embrace shivering
As earth's surging spin
Enexorable melt
Cascading ache spills
The verdant burning
Nature holds her breath
Seeds poised to surrender
The bursting
Promise within
At the boundary of fire and frost
Life hesitates....
The exultation of the thaw
Coursing rivulets trickle
expectant moments
Thirsty earth opens
For the thrust of roots
and unfurling of leaves
consummate regeneration
at the boundaries of fire...


Universe of words - For Sharon

illumined movement
gentle tendrils of thought
falling gossamer threads
cascade the length of my thighs
the curve of your memory
etched in tattoed linen
Staccatoed sacred songs and sighs
bedclothes thrown
abandoned acts
Onyx eyes avert
Slip serene from porcelain skin
sweet magnolia moments
Ash and shadows
Slivered sensual souls
In decadent repose
Love is a lioness
Taloned fatal embrace
Precious poetic
Fluid to slake this thirst
Insatiable craving
The open mouth
Is better than death
Ferocious fragile flower
Petals cascade
Flirting dance through crimson ribboned hair
Lost sanctuary
Blasphemous I suppose
In the throes primitive
Sipping sanguine lachrimal offerings
From fractured glass
Flurried words flung
From the hungry abyss
I pale in your wake
Dissolved in salt spray and stellar wind
A damp echo
Sex and secrets unspoken
Brittle wings crack in the afterglow
You know....
I am lost
In the universe of your words
2007 - for Sharon.

Digital Whisper

Digital intimacies
Electronic emanations
Slip surreal from screen to screen
Sheer veneer of a virtual dream
Of lovers whispers
Gossamer summer sunlit surf
The western wind skimming shallow
like a whisper
Starlit evenings
Gentle breezes and tentative fingers
Brush the tendrils away
From sacred places
Leaving whispers
Kisses on the wind
Words lost in the ferocity of rushing moments
Let me hear you whisper
Above this screaming dream
My life white noise
Flickered whispers
On a virtual screen


I Have a Dream

have a dream
The gentle tread
Cool marble beneath my feet
Sweet succulent scents laced in the lavendar air
Velvet curtains parted
You there
Stretched out supine
A banquet of delights
you are mine
The rustling flutter of garments
Let them fall
Echoed wetness
Your hands leave their ghosts
On glistening walls
Cascading flurried ringlets
Tendrils of hair
Caught up in the excitement
Of you
And me unsullied
Pristine between egyptian cotton
and whispers of skin
Place a kiss on the altar of we
This love begins
you know
I have a dream.


                                    Love on Ice

love on ice
Fever quenched
By the cool blue of you
Granite hands
Smooth exterior
Coals dropped on cold stone floors
My heart tremulous staccato beats
Winged whispers under glass
Undulant tongues stutter
perilous warnings
But I fell into
this cooler blue of you.

TL Boehm



La Luna Lifts

La Luna lifts from the cosmic abyss
Pinioned in stellar skies
For a moment or two swept away by you
Sparkling life lit up in your eyes
Carry me away from anywhere
To that special hideaway called you and I

Cool Luna's fog sweeps round me
Spring night a bluer hue
You sitting there, soft breeze through your hair
Falling in love again with you
Take me away from the chaotic day
Lose my self in eyes so blue

I catch my breath and I
Close my eyes wish I could fly
As moments sweeping by
La Luna lifts in ebonyed sky
TL Boehm




Your love is a line
Tattoed down my spine
The pulse of a tentative touch
This pain is an art
I play my bit part
When you leave and I miss you much
Your mark on me
I close my eyes and see
Your soul is a beautiful picture
Superimposed on the skin that's me
My baby.

Write my life with your ink
I cannot think
Of a better way for the page to unfold
Each line a caress
This gentleness
Of a love story in flesh be it told
The name of the story we write
Your soul is an epic masterpiece
Written on my flesh at night
That's right

Your mark on me
Sketch my destiny
Each stroke
Set me free
This tattooed line on me

TL Boehm
© 2007


Denim Days and Flannel Nights


Cerulean breeze
on an indigo night
You flung starlight
on my stellar path
The aftermath
of lovin' on my knees
My aim to please
Falls short between wrong and right
Walkin' out my denim days
And flannel nights
Azure eyes
Serpentine disguise
Took fruit from you any way
Coiled yourself around me
In the middle of a powder blue day
Never felt the strike till you were gone
Poisoned by your midnight song
Skin bruised by scales so tight
Walkin' out my denim days
And flannel nights
I am your china girl
Your cornflower field your summer day
And you are my river flowing
My blue moment slipping away.
Walkin' out my flannel nights
Trippin' down my denim days.
TL Boehm


Fragile Dancer

She glides across the ice
Circling sparkles
Skates shush across the floor
Shimmering spray
Lights that play
Lithe dancer aloft she spins and soars
Gentle hips swing in the crystalline breeze
Pirohuettes descend
Tattooing lines
Etching ice pristine
Canvas clean
Sacred movement
Soul designs

This life is a fragile dancer
Clad in fluttering sunset hue
The rushing blood of a sweet romancer
A flood of colors in twilight blue

2006 TL Boehm

Womyn Springs

womyn springs from fertile earth
Birthing brings forth from barren ground
Untwisting limbs surround the womb tomb
She is the fragrance found at the end of the day
inhibitions melt away
When children play in green grassy plains
Labor pains a distant memory
Under green trees gentle dreams sleep
Cradled in the mother's arms no babies cry
No fruitless dreams fall damply by
She is the dance of lovers intertwined
The gift of sight in the eyes of the blind
She is the spark in the mind of God
Womyn springs from fertile earth
her hands the quill inking poetic birth
Her moments spent without you
She lies fetal waiting for life anew

TL Boehm



Phenomenal Woman

Maya Angelou

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me. - Maya Angelou



Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.

I am uplifted gifted
When thoughts and prayers have drifted
From lonely hearts to heavens ears
I am the child wild
The severed ties nowreconciled
Sealed with a mothers tears
I am beyond the sum of earthly years

I am the beat the heat
The caress so soft and sweet
Chasing terrors in the night
The chaos haunting taunting
Defeat that stands there flaunting
I'm armed for the fatal fight
I'm a soul that's built for flight

A phenomenal woman that's me
Reflecting only what I see
The measure of your destiny
Giving the love that sets you free....

TL Boehm



Just Shy of Oblivion

I have laid you down so many times
Under whispering trees where sungilt leaves
Shift and change dancing shadows across my soul
I have worshipped you there as you sweetly seduced
My shivering spirit
quivering with anticipated emotions shimmering
on the surface translucent with sweat and ink
and you have cradled my heart
Caressed my psyche
Yet suppressing the final climax
Just shy of oblivion

I have dragged you through the mire
the fire of my rage intensified on pages stained
Crimson ink artierial red that bled with the demons ire
I purged visceral from my gut
Spurned and scorched spit venom from my mouth
Dripping acid and sadness I have crucified
Your every effort to bring light to the page
Chasing the black hole you have led me
Just shy of oblivion
I have allowed you to seduce me with myriad images
Titillating feathered strokes and sighs in my mind
As forbidden skin soaked in honeyed prose slips
From satined paper
Fluid wetness from my pen
My pulse racing as my hands shake to contain the excitement
You led me
Virtually undressed me
Then left me
Exposed and embarrassed
Just shy of oblivion

you have enraged me
Upstaged me countless hours spent pursuing you muse
As you use my efforts in vain
Bring pain to the forefront of my path
The etched in retrospective aftermath of poetic cleansing
Inextricably twisted we
You are elemental 
Wild yet gentle
Broken girl on gossamer wings
You are the one who brings
My only refuge free
You are the poetic child in me


Secret Garden

He was born from spring rains
When new leaves unfurled
Heady sweet mimosa and willow
Filling the air with peaceful green
Lacing the ground in spinning shifting patterns
Scattered sunlight as drops dripped from trees
Knee deep in rivulets bubbling and rushing
To my back door.
He called me out to play

I ran with him hand in hand abandoning
The mundane fourwalled pristine
Plaster world I passed as real
Feeling cool fronds brush against my hungry cheek
Neck tilted
Back arched
Swallowing the droplets as they trickled from
The branches
Unmoved by the rushing water
The thunder
Spring rains turning to the deluge
Of a summer storm
Innocence swept away on the furious current

Now I dream in green
Fervent unseen passion
Masked by my lack of reaction
Yet the back door stays open
As spring rains drip from leaves
Rustled by a gentle breeze
Could it be that he...
Comes calling me to play

TL Boehm

Snakeskin Smooth (For Ollie, the iguana)

snakeskin smooth
Jewel encrusted skin glistens in the warm light
Rare lapiz
Jade and smoky topaz glow
Citrine eyes bely your ancient soul
Taut muscular legs
Lean and built for speed
My fingers linger
Pulling gently on your spikes
Translucent sheath you shed
As summer trees shift from emerald to gold
Mute memories of you fall from hands that stroke
Nurture you
Onyx nails clicking
Autumns rustling chill
Yet still I remember
The warmth of your skin
My reflection jasper pupils
You knew me
Do you still?

For Ollie - our iguana...I miss the monstrous chica.


Would You Kiss Me

Would you kiss me


On the back of my neck

My collarbone

Whisper soft

A feathers’ touch

Would you close your eyes

Breath to breath


Lost in the moment

Embracing each taste


Sweeping down my spine



Before the mundane

Mechanical act...

Leaving foreplay

For the desperate

Communicate your forever love

Not your temporal lust


Just seal me

With a kiss


To keep me

Until the time is right

For the two of us

To be one. 

0806 - the idea of the poem was simply to describe a kiss....

Cast Away

Cast away in a placid scene

shed sandy shores for the burning green

Of my hideaway underneath the leaves

Missing you and my spirit grieves

Our moments shared on summer days

Remembering the tide that plays

Casting lines of dreams along the shore

Such a shame you cast your dreams no more

On shallow moments left behind

Memories fade until I'm blind

Deeper water she called to you

My verdant world turns cooler blue.


Through the Pouring Rain

The rumbling thunder

A few decibels under

The pulsing in my veins

The rhythmic flow

Compels me to go

Running through the pouring rain


If I could be

Naked and free

Underneath a blanket of green

Falling from skies

Cool grey like your eyes

Laid in the grass of a pastoral scene


Yet I sit in sterile confinement

Behind this cold glass pane

Unable to feel the breath of wind

The gentle caress of rain


Leaves tremble and sway

Fluid dance of the day

Cool rivulets caress the ground

I think of your fingers

The wetness lingers

Its in your kiss I am found


In the quiet blue

I think of you

You wash my soul clean with your love

The pattering rain

Brings thoughts again

Gentle whispers from above


Yet here I am on the other side

Behind these four white walls

Unable to feel your gentle touch

Or savor the rain that falls.





Verdant Burning

What is this bliss

That has me amiss

My thoughts verdant burning

Sound of cool rain

Soothing my pain

Nullifies the yearning

To see more of me than you

Hidden from my view

The epicenter of my discerning


This mask of stone

Your presence has grown

Barren branches reach for the sky

The silence belies

My unfocused eyes

Frozen from tears I cry

But you carry me through

To the place that is you

To the where and the how and the why


Turbulence grows

Cold wind blows

My mind is storm filled and gray

But you are the mark

The light in the dark

I stand clinging to what you say

In you I have seen

Fields of green

Upon this troubled path I stay.


Drawn Deeper

Drawn deeper
From the shallows
The shore secluded
Treading the water of my thoughts
That sparkle skipping tips of waves
Glimpsing shadows of you
Luminous beneath the green
The aquamarine shifting lit
Obsidian eyes link for an instant
You call from the deeper water
Cool movement
Infinite motion
This ocean soul
Rolls through my spirit
Surrender to the beckoning
A superficial sacrifice
Drowning in shallows
Yet you turn around
You gave
Cresting waves of pleasure
Yielded your treasure
Cast up on shifting sands
Held in my trembling hands
This gift of love
You save

TL Boehm 07/07/06 


Will You Carry On

Will you carry on

Over open water

Will you go

Toward the rolling shore

Will you fly high

Ever rising spires silent skies

Rush of wings brings you home


This is the moment

Smile and cry


Will you leave me for ever

Little girl no more

Sail far from this troubled shore

Broken wings can’t fly with you


If I could be your light house

Shining bright for you

But I’m only the mirrored darkness

Reflecting torment we go through

One faded image shattered

By the stones thrown from passing years

Bruised and broken on the highway

Washed away by blood and tears


Will you carry on

Through windswept waves

Will you go

Til you find your way

To a harbor safe and dry

Spread tearstained wings and fly

Until you find your way home….


Leave me lost

I stand sentinel

On this troubled shore


© 04/01/2006

For Buffi and Bethany

Peaceful Moment

Bare feet slipping in cool sand
Coffeed water prodding the boat
Push away, push away
Wooden Paddles worn smooth
Cleave calm surface easily
Eddies swirl, dancing from the bow
Drifting silent, centered
Lilies jeweled jade and golden grace the surface
Fingers trace a reflection transient
Waiting for daylight
Deer stand sentinel
Eyes locked
The wild
The child
Before gliding into pines
Gentle birch swaying in the afterglow of life unexpected
Morning mist spins lifting
Illuminated by the first breath
Of liquid light
Dripping from shifting leaves
Skipping the surface
Myriad wavelets rushing
To greet me
As Daylight spills from the sky

TL Boehm
© 03/28/2006

As Far as this Road Goes

So this is where I found you
Face down in the middle of your day
Pieces of your soul stripped away
So much wreckage washed up on your shore
They wouldn’t recognize the thing that’s you anymore

What’s another beat
Of a heart
Hang on baby
What have you become
Stone cold sister cold and numb

You live your life for everyone else
Till your soul’s an empty shell
You don’t remember who you were
What you’ve become I cannot tell

Don’t spare me the pain
You doom me to
Repeat the things
They’ve done to you

I want to know
As far as this road goes
I want to see
The other side of this pain
I want to feel
That love I knew from you
I want to know your heart beats again

8/02 8/6/03 3/28/06

TL Boehm


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