TL Boehm - Writer

Written in my heart

A Shot of Adrenalin

What of love

She said you were the pulse of life

From woman to wife

Breathe beneath her skin

You’re just a shot of adrenalin


What of love

Open a vein and bleed the lie

She’s the addict you supply

Lips that drip sap and acid

And you’re death in a pretty package


What of love

Hypodermic words slurred

On a Sunday afternoon blurred

Stop her staccato heart

Drop death in her chest she’s torn apart


What of love

Arrest the damnable dreaming

Chains in the shape of a ring she’s screaming

Saffron dress and daisy chains

She won’t wear it again


What of love

Petty promises her overdose

On the floor of your hotel room comatose

Consolation prize forever after unhappily

No antidote to set her free


What of love

Little girls like lambs to slaughter

Lies make slaves of daughters

Chase the hollow sound of wedding bells

Fed fairy tales In prison cells  

Tl Boehm


Obsidian Ink

poetic angst, selfish moments, and purgings. There are even a few poems on this page that I consider deleting from time to if removing the words would erase the thoughts I had. It won't and so they stay.


I have winnowed words from red earth

Birthed mad poetry in silence

Rumbled under sullen skies

Cast my cries to the birds of the air

The cadence of  mind

Blind expectations


The ache of angels and soliloquied

Mantras of savants and idol fools

I’ve plated my thoughts with bits of

Sugared glaze to coat the rendered

Offering dolloped in the sickened


My voracious ego tasteless

Vinegar on the palette

The sweat of my brow spat out

In a shallow glass

The circumstance of banality

Nothing more than the dull ache

At the base of your spine

You dismiss me by degrees


Secrets grow fangs and

Spider themselves webbed

Close to the bone

Crunched underfoot

Weary words spin in the thin air

Senseless surrendered chattel

Trace my petty dreams in the dust

Of the space between

You and me and we

Will never grasp the significance

Of a blade of grass

Or the depthless black ocean

Where your terrors luminesce

On the cusp of a pirate moon

You breathe the algorithms


And I have lost my taloned grip

On your poet soul

TL Boehm


Terminal Spin - Content Warning

And so it goes

The palpable ache in your voice

The slow burn of chaos

The crawl of acid in my throat

And Rigor mortis in my skin

I brace for the deluge

You are the perfect storm

And I am always wreckage on your shore

You shattered me a lifetime ago

Swept away in the flotsam and jetsam

Of your unfettered ego

And your insatiable …

Candy melts sweet can’t sustain

You’re fetid with the choices you made

You savaged my soul

Your little bastard child

Tossed out on the lawn with the soiled sheets

For the world to see

And you savored it.


And somehow I’m bound

By the memory of grace

And Sunday school songs

To spread my brittle wings and shelter you

Even as the ribs snap

I bleed out any integrity

Just for you

A mother’ s love is…

F... that…really

You only show me the horror in my own soul

With your black hole heart

And I am on terminal spin 

TL Boehm 


Are You Ever Truly Free 

I could sing it to you

Gentle and mournful

The salient arch of white wings

Against a bleak backdrop

Of defrocked trees in stasis

For the spring sap

To rise

Wispy buds of pastel pink rupture

Throaty melodies

Coax the sun from somber skies


Or I could give it to you straight

No chaser

No dilution to offset the burn

This just got real

And you’re all up in my face about it

As If you could slap down

The change in your pocket

As the full payment for my salvation

When you yourself are the bars to my larger cage


I keep my circle small

Pluck the pin feathers before I fledge

So I don’t beat myself to death

Struggling against my own damn expectations

Trade my freedom for security

And the surety of bread on my table

And a hive of hornets in my head

Perched on the reality

We are never truly free.

TL Boehm 



Road To Nowhere

I’ve been down this road with you

If I were dead

Flesh peeled back from weary bones

Gravity inexorable would pull the marrow

To this same desolation

Same fog my rear view mirror

Same stain on the pavement

Where you bled out

All your cataclysmic tragedies

Your fatal inclinations

The debriding of my dreams

Leaves me numb

Cast your rage against the rocks

My fractured heart can’t quicken

At the sound of your cries

I’m saturated

Even one more tear will bring the rain

Seed my sky with the drama

Of the day

I am so damn done with your pain

Tantrums at my feet

And tread on my spine

Nothing but black tar and broken white lines

Between us and the oblivion

You selfish soul sucking pariah

Leave my carcass smoking

On the road to no where

And find another ride

To carry you home

TL Boehm 


The Opportunist 

In twilight you will find me

Dipping tenuous thread

Umber on dun

Sputtering tallow

Tapping ash into my thin skin

As if the tattooed music would soothe

The crawling terror in my gut

Hollow eyed I ply the offal

Crack the marrow mixed with spit

And dirt I form words of earth

And blood and bone

The viscus slippage I devour

The accretion of tears and sweat

In open wounds only births

Words that fester

Were you expecting a pearl?

I am weary of chasing

Beautiful winged creatures

Only begets feathers in my mouth

And dry heaves  

Fluff and nonsense

Raindrops and daffodils

Never sustain

There are no gentle angels

Only capricious minds that rail

Oh the horror of living

Off the remains of throw away moments

Chase the rainbows end

To your designer ever after

You will find me

Teeth bared and waiting

For you to wake up…  

TL Boehm 


Alternate Reality

Pretty girl with stars in your eyes
And the world at your feet. 
You never gave another breath about me did you?
You never thought about the 
Sad little awkward one that I was
With my toothy smile
Face peppered with freckles and imperfections. 
You took the first chance you got
Grabbed that ring
Drank that koolaide
Whatever the mechanism was
You swallowed faster than a desperate pledge at a frat party
You’re on that perpetual joy ride
And I am left alone
To drown in the gray desperation that is my glass ceiling life.
How can you breathe in the thin air of your rarified sky? 
I think of you and I hate you
like I hate burying a kid’s first puppy.
You left me with nothing
But an open wound where my soul should have been.
You can’t come back
And I can’t rise above
This little existence I’ve dug out with my own jagged nails
Hell may be too good for you but at least I know
The monster in the mirror is more real
Than that illusion of angels
I thought I saw in your eyes. Love is a witch of a mistress
You taught me well

TLB 031313 

Unreachable Dream

Cast one more stone 
In a well void of water 
To sustain you
As if your trebuchet barrage 
Scattered talismans at my weathered feet 
Will bring the deluge 
Pour out sacrifice
Redolent offering to the god in you
I want nothing more 
Than to sharpen my sword on the bones 
of your unreachable dreams
Draw this blade across your saline skin
Etch my grievances in blood and mortar
The panacea of fools 
Are you even capable of feeling pain?
What a waste 
This dance 
Your ineffable demesne
Is nothing but gossamer threads
Smoke and mirrors 
Cannot contain me
I refuse to move to your 
Susurrous litany any longer
I'll cut out your tongue 
For my standard 
And leave you silent 
To decay 

TL Boehm 11/09/12

What Lies Beneath

....".Nothing is what it seems, what we see is just a mirage, what lies underneath, is the truth."

What do you see when you look at me
Harmless dog that I am
Fawning at your feet
Pissing all over myself to please you
This shabby mongrel you shoo from your table
Haughty in your pedigreed inclinations
Wipe my spit and dander from your petaled hands
I am nothing but a casual diversion
Banished from your hearth
Steward the beautiful things that catch your eye
Chain me up out of sight 
I will always adore you

You cast this sadness
whips of words against my hide
I bleed out in the shadows
You've made me crazy
When all I wanted was your love
Curled up next to you
But you were too ashamed to let me in
Now here we are
My teeth in your throat
Your personal henchman
A killing machine calibrated
By your hatred
Surprise in your failing eyes
I would have rather died for you
But you left me to my own devices
I cannot stop myself
From survival
behind the mask of civility
Perhaps I've always been
A monster of your own creation
I can taste your poison
Beauty only the cast 
Shadow on your surface
Tear the mask from your face
I cannot bear to see
Another monster staring back at me...



Gun Metal and Asbestos

Gun metal and asbestos
The tundra of your father’s eyes
His heart left in London after the war
Stubborn, your mother clung to the lie
Hide the shameful sight
Your hands left over right
Roll a crochet bootie under your blanket
Picture perfect mask the missing
Digits and appendages
“That child’s not mine…Ma”
Shoulda put ya in a home

Whispered sins and indiscretions
You slept with your sister in silent rooms
Pissed in a porcelain pot
Defiant, Old Nellie in her witch gray wool
She won’t latch the outhouse again
Keep that abomination strapped to your thigh
Crossed and awake at night
You came out swinging when he touched you
Shoulda put ya in a home….

Pick the rock salt from your hide
And never cry
Secrets sting more than saline bullets
You bared those knees in a hand made dress
And fled…newly wed
Birthed that ten toed baby girl
Relegated yourself to the drain of domesticity
Brownstones and picket fences
When did you cast the first thread
Spiderwebs and pyrite
Whispered sins and indiscretions
Broken dishes…
Broken bones…
Broken vows…
You lied so much better than you lived

That crave for validation in your fathers’ eyes
Drift away over his open grave
You played taps in the shadows
One last time
I was an open wound in a house of pain
You couldn’t love your child
And swallow the shame
That little redhead down the street
Baby boy you couldn’t give
Fed your shattered ego with fear
In my eyes
Notch your bedpost with ticks for lovers and fools
Man eater never sated
Kill point met….She’s not your daughter
You left him in an empty room
Payback is a jade eyed snake coiled up in your marriage bed

That High school Knight
Greasy hands and milk toast breath
You fled again
Tell me you’re happy
When he’s gone from dawn to dusk
Catching crappies and suckin Pabst in a can
While you pickle yourself with cheap vodka
And soap operas
Buried your crazy mother, your bitch of a sister
And the assh*le you married first….
No ripples of remorse
In the cement of your soul

We only speak across miles
You will never apologize
Little dreams strangled
Wet panties around my neck
Soap in my mouth
Welts and belts,
Wire brushes and hangers
Fitting discipline
Can’t leave my own alone with you
Drown your grandchild in the toilet bowl
Rather than ask for the truth
From a terrified child
Who had only begun to adore you
Now I can’t love his scars away
The truth is bitter, cold and lonely
Love cannot grow in a heart of stone
Chiseled bitter by the sins of a mother
A father and another
You never had a chance to be
For Barbara....

My mom was born with congenital birth defects including a missing finger on her right hand, a missing limb below her right knee and no toes on her left foot. Her father swore she was not his child for several years. Her family was dysfunctional and she married into another dysfunctional family. When she finally divorced my dad to marry a high school sweetheart, she told my dad he was not my father. I know specifics weren't required but I felt they were necessary to understand the context of the poem.

And now the rest of the story:

I'm not afraid of the TOS goblin glomming onto this and claiming it for its own, so bringing it here was no big deal. But what I do want to convey is this: This was inspired by a great little poetry group that now resides on another site where the TOS issues are more conducive to protecting one's creativity. If you are so inclined to read, or you need poetic inspiration please stop by here and check out the open pages...there's more than poetry, its a wonderful little secret and I hope you will at least drop by...


The Tenebrae of a Shuttered Room


So the world spins
Inner discourse thinning
In the wake of daylight
Muted blues shift crimson
And the halcyon light floods my vision
I remain saturnine
The inner tenebrae of my dusky soul
My personal shadowland
sedulous manifestos etched
across my heart
the tattooed movement
cadence of oblivion
stained by the purpura
Of bleeding dreams

 Apollo rides grandiose
Careening orb obliterates the dusk
Yet my eyes rain
myriad tears chase themselves
forever obedient to that same gravity
leaving me face down
with nothing but wet earth
and seeds dormant
full of promise that never blooms
My heart in the darkness
Of a shuttered room

TLB 092308


Coyote Dreams

Perhaps you aggrandize
Those sacred manifestations
Lupine resonance
When the moon takes a cooler hue
Ebbing in the western sky
As I scurry
Furtive in the wake of wolves
Cavort under cover of shadows
The darkness lenient
Diana's placid orb obfuscates
Any deeper meaning
These solo notes from husky throats
The soul’s chronicle lost
Your hackled superstitions don’t abet me
Demure dogs shiver on silvered chains
With the acumen of stones
They throw themselves
Lick the hand of the master
Fawning malleable in your fettered life
You crave the panacea
Of stagnant water and stale kibble
Trade these wild cries for silence
Shrink from the eminent colossus
Freedom is the howling nemesis
Beyond your black and white vision
You never see
The multifarious color of coyote dreams 

TL Boehm 070508 

Eating Poetry

The missing grain of sand
Saline manifestation in my eyes
An absolution of temporal dreams
The heart of pearled treasure for you
Fetid obstruction in an oyster like me
Hold your breath and crack me open
Debacle on the half shell
Consume me whole
Still you hunger for more

These castaway dreams
Crest on pleasured seas
I abstain from riding the wave
Licentious churning toward the shore
The foaming wasted lap my ankles
Stolid salted earth am I
This dearth of passion
Fervent birth of deeper meaning
Too strenuous for my limpid mind
Heavenly sounds
This ground bound child
Deafened by the strident cries
Of whispers and lies
The clarion gone
In the wake of troubled seas

Swirling connotations and inuendos
Languish warm and wet on shifting sand
Fleshy emulations of inspiration
Bleed out on the beach
The weight of wicked words the crush
The convulsing rush of life that ebbs
The linchpin thins
Blistered skin slips from brittle bones
You die alone
Soul shipwrecked
This missing grain of sea spray sand
Dissolves in sightless eyes
This purging dirge an echoed requiem
A timbred bliss
Ephemeral ebbing lunar blue
As I drift away
From you.....

Empty Sky

A furse of birds
Fragile wings that bring
Rising chaff
Of ground cover dreams
Litanies and lamentations 
Half hearted singing
In the sanctuary
I am the echo of a soul
Shallow voice breaks the silence
In hallowed halls
Like poetry thrown up
Dry chalk scritti on dusted shale
Persona non grata
I stand pale
Naked before you
Muffled pulse of an average life
I am the trickling stream
Wishing for waves
Gentle breath across the surface
Scattering ash and expectations
Borrowed words spring from fingers
Slip my grip and flit away
Like color bleeding from empty sky
At the end of day

TL Boehm 061408  

If I Could Speak

If I could speak
I would spill these lamentations
cloistered sins and secrets
whispered vespers for wretched dreams
Retching sentiment
this malignant manifesto
a macabre mantra
eats my skin from within
transient refuge for temporal treasures
inexorable moments carry life away
tick tick tick
the seconds scurry
flurried ineffectual supplications
demigods of affluence
the cacophony of the machine
I spin within
cogniscient of my myopia
the funneled tunnel vision
drips from the end of a pen
furtive verses on paper
fading ochre moments
somber drops of ash and bone
poetic exorcisms
of wicked things unknown
sensibilities trickle
spilling life
black and withering
is the gain worth sacrifice
crackling fat of dreams
too costly
this shallow palette
self obsessed
eyes gouged out
hands shackled
to the reality
the immortality
trust the dust
the dust becomes me
soul focused on decay
spectre death
devouring this unsparked spirit
If I could speak
truth into your heart
would you
in anything more than what you see
I trust the dust and dust will be
the remnant me
TL Boehm

Chiaroscuro Moment

chiaroscuro moment
molten chords
in golden glow
titian ringlets cascade
from linen shoulders
as your hands bring liquid color
to idle black and white
chorded words of three parts
Not easily broken
Ebb and flow as breath over water
a shift in timbre
resonant teak fettered in silver
*heady scent of resin and balsam reeds
echoed drones the cantored dance begins
Taking flight the quiet arias rise
coursing low over open moors
Eyes veiled green
a fog shrouded shoreline
We leave transient prints
In damp sand...
Sonorous notes
From kilted pipers
A flash of tartan on thistled field
Drummers pulse the motion of life
You raise the standard
This ancient song is yours
and mine.

Open eyes to desert sky
Burning blue and empty
As fresh pages fall un-inked
on thorny ground
Only the ache of a melody remains
Lost refrains
broken notes in my DNA
Inspiration drifts away

*I used to have a recurring dream of me, and two other friends - in a recording studio with the complete sheets of music in front of us - which we were singing...and when I wake up...I can never remember the song.
*in high school I had the opportunity to play a bagpipe that had been made in Pakistan....the drones (for those of you unfamiliar with the instrument - drones are the three pipes sticking out from the top of the bagpipe) were made of teak with silver joints. In each drone there is a reed and you tune the drone by adjusting the wood pieces at the joint. the lining of the bag - and the joints of the drones are resined - so a set of pipes has a specific scent to it. - Pipes are instruments of WAR....and I loved playing them)

I Can't Get Away From Me

Everywhere I go
There I am
Casting shadowed glances
This periphery of lies
And smiles that grace the face
Gazing out from my mirror
Is it fear or something sinister within
Where does the image end and the girl begin
Everywhere I go
There I am
Cracked lips pursed in condemnation
Glass refracts the dissonance
Of this existence
Etched memories in skin
Furrowed face and furrowed mind
Beauty lost when the world is blind

Everywhere I go
There I am
Familiarity a festering wound
From love to loathing I’ve come undone
From creation to forever
Everywhere I go
I am my destiny
I can’t get away from me

TL Boehm


I am - Across the Universe

I am
Thinning spinning dendrites
Misfiring into the void
Across the universal plane
Crackled celluloid destroyed
Phrenetic Flurried furies 
Flames licking in my brain
Synaptic nervous
Under current pulsing scurries
Across the universe insane
I am
The tantric dance
Dust and sunset on your floor
Crimson clad Babylon whore
Kali’s creature featured
Waxwing slipping dripping acid
Across the universe I soar
Cosmic teacher
Veiled in cobwebs
Saccharine lapsing
My cyclonic frigid core
I am
Triptych cadence
Ecstatic static
Stone ground bone
On bone for daily bread
Blue blood squeezed
From scarred words said
Pregnant poems
Yet unread
Resin shreds of evidence
Across the universe inside
Chanting mantras
Rattling casket plastic head
Crack me open
Find me dead

TL Boehm 12/29/07

© 2008 TL Boehm 

Irreverent Exhumation

rreverent exhumation
You come crawling through
My surreal dreams
Scattering my remains
You wallow engorged
Cannibalizing my thoughts
Devouring my soul identity
Echoes and eddies in your wake
My down cast eyes disguise the void
Unable to meet your formidable face
I look away
From the mirror

TLB 061407

Sloth and Envy, they are deadly


I'd scratch myself
But this itch isn't worth
The time
Let this world pass by
Monotony of nights and days
I'd raise my hands to the sky
But its not worth the effort to try
Just let the ticking clock
Hours wane and my eyes glaze
Lifetime slips down the drain

Corpulent porcine drama
Lookin like Jabba's mama
Sucking vortex yup that's you
Sticky sweet you lick fat fingers
The flavor gone but stains still linger
Gorge yourself but you're never through

Your hunger drives your need
On dreams and hearts you feed
In the mirror of your eyes I see
Another gluttonous bitch like me.
TL Boehm


I am your jade eyed feigned indifference
Fawning at your feet
Saccharine platitudes tossed like rose petals
On your path
Yet this congealed cordial overcoat
Won't warm the stones
My heart embittered acrid
En Pointe this ego rises
Jagged edged and bladed for destruction
What you have should have been mine....


Blood Congeals

droplets mark
fatal attempt
To shut away pain
If I bleed I am real
Controlling the rising void
That shadows my every thought
Daybreak gives no illumination
I am shattered, pierced, tormented, and blind
Only the blade resonates in me
The fine lines carve away my soul
Bring me forever  sweet peace
Carry me away now
Crimson rivers
I escape
etheree 021307

Sucker for Love

Wrench my soul
Each time you go
Disappearing acts
Never satisfy me
You leave me aching alone
Craving the sweet abandonment
We share when intertwined as one soul
I am incomplete, extinguished, alone
I could seduce another excuse
For a lover for a moment
Forgetting I am your heart
Stoke those forbidden fires
Could I be so cruel
Looking away
From your love
No I

TL Boehm

What If

What if
Your beauty was definitive of chaos
What if the monsters in your head
Came out to play
What if your soul was the black hole
In someone else's summer day.
Would you smile sightless
Simply slithering away
What if
Your incorruptible skin shed
What if you were chemical residue
Brittle filaments of pain
What if your breath was a kiss of death
And your tears were acid rain
Would your lips seek mine forever
Would you kiss me over again
What if
You were hell incarnate
What if you were the damnable child
Suckling at my breast
What if you were the vampire who
Tore my beating heart from my chest
Yes you are my intimate monster
From your passion I get no rest

TL Boehm 020707

Coyote Girl

*Oye mi canto
Lamentations to La Luna
*Coyote girl
She cries
Sonnets to the muted skies
Drunken lovers rise
Snapping tendons cloaked in sweaty expectations
Curse the veiled moon
Deluded agave blue dreams seduced
Apprehensions fangs render lesser men for ever free
Detached from guilty hands that caressed her flesh
Never majestic
She clings to broken songs
The sentenced stagger off commuted
From warm wood she births a dirge
Oye mi canto
Under a shrouded sky
Coyote girl
She cries
Raven hair and her breath
Caught up in leathered lace
Lame betrayers limp away
Lamenting her poison embrace
Unable to recall
The sad contours of her face.

Validation is Gunsmoke

Validation is gunsmoke
Wafting round my head
Wispy tendrils encircling songbird throats
Silence cries no aria
Shattered shotgun shell dreams
Drop staccato from the skies
Tears welling in eyes long blind
To the possibility of pardon
Condemnation, a crown for the common man
Final wishes kiss the wind
Let me abdicate this throne
Of my demise
Tenuous thoughts trip skittering
Timid fingers mirror the mind
Insanity for the defendant
Criminal intent the stroke of passion
Caught in gall, on vellum, from pain
Resurrection offers only
Repetitive fire
TL Boehm



I can feel it
Bubbling up from within
Porous skin festers
Blind expectations caustic acid
Flesh blown from brittle bones
In the nuclear winter change
Do you think I'd slip
Ashes scattered from this sanguine soul
Fluttered butterfly heartbeats kiss the wind
Kiddie candy coated wisps of dreams
Wrap round my throat
Death note for the masses
The monster remains
Coiled venomous
Snake in your playground
Serpentine I cleave
To no one
Steller visions shift
Receding in my jaded gaze
Glitter for a moment of passing
Perhaps my fractured soul remembers
Gentle caresses from a friend
Scales falling lifeless
In your wake
No dungeon built in your sanctuary
for a monster
like me

TL Boehm
circa 2006 

Saving Scylla

Sifting sand through my fingers
Salt tears linger
But sting no more
Sea spray tingles on your shore
Warm wet embrace
Trace my face
Gray haze of a memory
Swirling on the current
Swept out to sea
Sweet dreams that frothed
As we coiled
Roiling waves thunder
Under clouds gathering above
I had your lathered passion
But not your love
You fell from my hand
Abandoned shell
Cast up on this lonely beach
Forever out of reach.

TL Boehm 

Mr Thoughtrock

Sitting sentinel
Excretions of silicate
From the folds of my skin
The brittle sentiments within
Furrowed birth
Cleft in granite
Stones thrown
From the mother planet
I am chiseled rock
Before I begin
Fluid cooled
In fractured throes
Against your vapid flow
Than your emotional undertow.

TL Boehm

Words Churn

Words churn relentless urgent
Surf slipping slick and foaming
Pounding against the shore
The open door
Of a mind blinded by light
Reflected in the curl
Waves that break
Crushed by the undertow
The rush, the flow
I’m flung breathless, wet
Forgotten on your shore
Drowned by the roar of my soul
So starved for more
One tear
Away from rain
Falling from your lavender sky
I cry
Again, again, again
Take me to that place
Where sand meets surf and sky
You are the child washed clean
Perfected by laughter and tears you cry
You are the goddess immortal
This vision I have of you
This beautiful light in my dark world
A love that carries through

TL Boehm
© 03/23/06

Dispassionate Reactive

Dispassionate reactive
Perhaps I am too passive
Wearied by the indigo moments
Words are a mirror
Reflecting my kidnapped soul
Eclipsed by the ordinary
Ebb and flow of a mundane life
Silence is not sanctuary
No rest on this journey
As hope decays in segments
Muted pleas fall from lips that twist abnormal
Painted whores on Picasso's canvas
Bed of lies
Raped by red lines of shame
I only wanted to kiss your soul
These eyes of china and kohl
No longer offer camouflage
For the insanity
And the little wet dreams
That dry in my darker heart


Inspired by the art of Picasso

I Can Cry

I can cry
Let tears flow on soft nights
When I am alone with out you
I can cry
When I hear the heartbeat out of synch
In the fractured shell of a friend
I am a shoulder
A rock
Sanctuary from the storm
I can feel your intimate burns
The slanderous words
They cut me too
I can feel you
I can bleed poetic lamentations
Purge your pain even in the midst
Of my own chaotic hell
When I cannot wash the dirt from your feet
Wipe away your tears from 1000 miles away
I still love you
And so
I can cry

for my friend Buffi 


You are fixed in my jeweled stare
My fatal flaw in citrine flecked jade and onyx
Colder stone does not betray my desire
Residual fire burning in my belly
To taste you permeate you
With crimson kisses
Framed by ivory fangs linger
The nape of your neck my secret playground
Haunted and hunted
By the tenuous touch of gold threaded love
wound in a circlet precious metal
where I lay waiting
Yet you play - azure eyes stray
Wasting your days with paper dolls
I could swallow you whole
Leave furrows in your porcelain soul
Peacock scales grace a monsters face
You forget your place
Beside me
Inside me
Where the flames rage
Ash and acid consummation
Thou art mine
Cinder scented tourmaline
Nefarious Goddess
I am your pleasure
Your infinite pain
The finality of a spine snapping moment
When life ebbs cool breath from once roseate skin
Your hidden treasure pulsing in my clawed grip congeals
Bursting veins
Would I sip the passion as it spills glorious
Along my scaly hide
An unholy anointing
Would I miss you if you died with eyes open to let in the blue sky
Or lay my lacquered head at your fractured side
You are my fatal flaw
My love rains from eyes stained dark with
The kohl of your lamentations
Etching tattooed love in cooling lava
I give my stony heart to you 

Dragon death sleeps sweetly by.

(envy -charity...)

T L Boehm


Disappointment is lavish resin

Embedded in the filaments

Of my porous linen skin

The hardened grave cloth

Definitive of my forever existence.

The mute reminder of shattered expectations

Brittle dreams snap in the calloused embrace

Of this second normal life


Treasured friends dropped in mental scrapbooks

They moved on as images yellow under the touch of years

I lie silent in my shroud of thoughts

Bleeding vivid crimson

Trickling disappointment on the page


First love to cover a multitude of sins

Desperate clinging bits of flesh

Shredded from passion's bones

By the blade of a name not my own

Disappointed I am yours at fires end

When love congeals around trivial things

You settled for less than best....

My words are tears of disappointment

Blurred lines I cry alone


Disappointment pinions aloft

Over desperate dreams too fragile to fly

Ragged in their survival

They twist in the swirling wind

Cry out for mercy, peace.

I am disappointed to give them only fatal release


Disappointment is only the casting of earth

On an already covered coffin

Its contents inconsequential

Ashes cold with no soul fire




TL Boehm - written after watching a National Geographic special on mummies....

My Mind is a Coyote

my mind is a coyote
scavenging the scattered scraps
remembrance refuse
pissing in the brilliance of sacred spaces
yakking profanities in the steller breeze
poetic emanations dropped scat in the desert heat
Your succored cyanide deadly sweet
Fangs clenched in a strychnine embrace
I forever chase
Bleating sheep
Vicious thoughts devour gentle lambs
Fatal hunger slinks at the edge of a civilized mind
Crunch the marrowless bones you left behind
Opportunistic consumer
I feed my greed
in your manicured shadows
God's dog no respecter of persons
I serve no purpose beyond survival
This creature panting in my wild amber eyes
Deceptive disguise
Destiny's flesh untamed
Frenzied wrenching splintered free
Gnawed losses numb the pain
Better to bleed than concede
Stumbling closer to dead than sane
Like that mongrel at the end of your
Paper chain.

TL Boehm 2007 

Saccharine Masquerade

Crystalline silicate
This saccharine masquerade
Spills from pen to paper
Poetic purge of intimate images
It seems that I'm
Nothing more than sugar candy coated
Staccato spatterings
Of fractured dreams
Sweet taste laid waste
By bitterness within
Toxic vapors
Permeate the still air
Still there
Hope bleeds welling up between
Pieces of me
Bubble gum and cyanide
Tears I've cried
Melt the cotton candy coated fluff you see
Expose the deadly edge that's me.

TL Boehm

Lady Desperation

If I handed you the knife
Let you cleave flesh from bone
Spilling blood
And broken promises
Fragmented thoughts
Fall where they will
Would you crack the marrow
Leave me dry
Pain the only release
In pieces of me consumed
Death is a shuttered room

Singing Psalms
Your Pollyanna mantra scatters rainbows

And dirges to the troubled skies
Revel in the celebration
Of a slow descent
Skipping stones across poison water
Wings of paper cannot save you
From the fall
Rushing pulse in my ears echo
This empty shell
Illuminate my way to Hell

Screams in silence
Lady Desperation
Behind my weary eyes
Ties another knot in the cord
Hold on a little longer
Let the words
Fall where they will
Vain resurrection of the faithless
Pain is the only force
Along the course with me exhumed
Sanity is a shuttered room
TLB 012208

Sometimes there are too many 'me's' in my mind


Desperate dreams twist in the nuclear wind
Dangling skeletal from gallows
Flaunting fatal tendencies
Clawed grasping the noxious air
Poison breeze becomes release
Hope curls fetal incomplete
Fragile birth prematurely purged from the womb
Bleeding out in tombs futile
Frail marks in dust
The spasmodic flutter of wings
Transient resonance echoes fleeting
Like damp lashes on translucent cheeks
The tentative first kiss fades to ache
Love is a jackal
Cracking the marrow
From the dry bones of broken dreams
Shattered remnants of a ragged existence
Tenuous tendons cling
Furrowed lines in my fractured skull
Shallow fallow culling floor
Long after thoughts are gone
In a life time of possibilities
I am the horrific consequence
Sex and secrets and sin
Covered in scars and skin

TL Boehm 

Ashes for Adonis

Simple sanguine sentiment
Supple skin crushed in weathered hands
Mixed with ash and sadness
Paint a shallow palette
Petal pink and redolent
Against my porcelain skin
Harlot crimson my smile
False ardor betrays me
Seeking that which congeals beneath
Vivid pulse
The timbre of skipping stones
Before fatal embrace
Drowning in stagnant backwater dreams
Frostbitten before the bloom
Frigid soul within
I am forever frozen ground

TLB 2007 

Don't Leave Me

Dont leave me
Writhing in my larval stage
Like some stinging insect
Ripped from its coccoon
Clinging vestigial
To the esoteric
Thin skin
Effusive membrane of beauty
When love leaves me shredding
That white winged ghost of you
Softly suicidal
You whisper dripping poetry
Closed eyes against the horror
That is my fleshly embrace
Love is gutteral
Mouthless I cannot utter
You are my soul
Triage of gossamer despair
I am the twisted sister
Dangling euphoric
Damply dark
Mutated Eros
When love leaves me
Lying there....

TL Boehm

Love is gutteral 

Soulful Note

I am set apart alone
Cryptic cadence
Broken bones
cacophonies and chaos
Tombstone over tones
Timbrels clanging bring no peace
Even death has no release

Twisted symphony am I
Crescendoed carnage
Blood I cry
Resurrect the hateful
Surrendered songs that die
your love a wailing wall
splintered timber I will fall

Requiem for lines unspoken
I am wreckage in your hands
Facade of cold stone broken
Against your rage I cannot stand
Your melodies just tokens
songs dischordant cannot free
A single soulful note from me.

 TL Boehm

soul vacation

Emotional constipation

Can't meet your expectation

Tune in to my vibration

Break through this limitation

Don't play false veneration

Hold me to this generation

Blame me for your degradation

I'm jus' the plus in your equation

Soul set to slow starvation

I was never your salvation

I am only the creation

Of minimal elation

Can't be your temporal sensation

Time to change the station

Cuz I've reached terminal saturation

I'm on permanent soul vacation


TL Boehm 8/23/06

a monoryhme moment

The Red Room

Flickering light
Empty window pane
Crimson night
Falling again
In the red room

Theres a fire burning
Velvet floor
Bodies yearning
Feel the heat on the door
In the red room

Sensual beat
Taunt she waits
Emanating heat
In the red room

Tentative touch
On glistening skin
Yields so much
From deep with in
In the red room

Passionate flow
Molten desire
The after glow
Of a deeper fire
In the red room

I want to feel
That sweet release
Hands soft and real
Bring me peace
In the red room

But the door is chained
I’ve lost the key
It seems my brain
Just wont let me
In the red room

TL Boehm
© 080606


Wicked images drip from the pen
Writhing in this abyss
Where I slip senseless
Wandering in the indigo surf starless
Wreckage of moments shared
Washed ashore
Waves carry creatures better left unearthed
What happened to the light
Weary nights cried out in silence
Words torment and taunt me
Whispered insults
Wrapped in poison paper
Wounded dreams bleed and ebb
While you twist the page
Wringing sweat and acid
Wiping away the poetic evidence
Wings of tissue shredded
Will not carry my soul
Windswept from this sea
When you think of me
Would I ever make you
Wet....better yet, just
Walk away


Subliminal Vision

Subliminal vision
Limited possibility
Encased in space between this
Abyss of spirit
And brain
Quantum logic
Finite Time
Objecthood of your emotions
Odd property
Of a mundane existence
Causality devoid of dreams
It seems I am the mirrored fear
Lurking half heard
In my circumstance
The dance of light and dark
Marked by linear thought
Caught prisms refracted
Reality defined
By a series of loops and lines.
TL Boehm


Hoar Frost

Do I project the image of the pure white witch
Sent from the frigid abyss of hell
Malicious in my refusal to submit
Flaccid passion does not generate
One single droplet of pleasure
Do you idolize me to despise me
Do I plummet from my pedestal
Falling to embrace crystal flurries shed
From shattered folds of taffeta and satin
Showcase the disgrace of a sad union
Aggressive flames could melt this ice
I wax responsive to the warmth of your fire
But you wane cool
Leaving me to creative bloodletting
Burning hoarfrost from my skin
Unholy marriage of paper and pen


Virtual Girl

I'm your pale jaded lady
From the depths of hell
I'm the moaning behind the mask
I am your prison cell
I'm the rogue in grave clothes
Knocking at your door
I'm the shattered dreams you left
Crunching bones on cold stone floors

I'm the watcher of your nightmare
The keeper of your pain
I am the moment of realization
That you just gone insane
I am the desperate cry you make
In the middle of the night
I plunge you into darkness
Kill the keeper of the light

I am the dream they raped and left
In the back of your soul to die
I am your ego bruised and torn
I am the acid tears you cry
I am the recognition
The awakening you find
When you shake me off and realize
I live only in your mind.

TL Boehm

What the Night Brings

spinning liquid threads
furtive verses through my head
this is what the night brings
silken whispered vision
damnable decisions
this is what the night brings

She sneaks in through my window
Sunless spirit fills my room
Cryptic images disturbing
Gossamer graveclothes for my tomb
Silent songs unmeant for singing
This is what the night brings

Skitters in on feline feet
Prowling my intimate thought
Scares to life the dangerous things
That hell and my bad seed hath wrought
Death follows me on flitting wings
This is what the night brings

And you wonder why
Can't close my eyes
Against this lesser light that stings
I'm mortified
By the hell inside
The shadow that the night brings

TL Boehm - 2006

The Glass Ceiling

Captured in carpeted cubicles
You liquidate dreams
Leaving lemmings encased
In shadowy cardboard morgues
Embellish the ladder
Tie tubors to sticks
Luring the naïve
To vie for the hole
In the glass ceiling
Preach profit to pique
The nameless faceless
Drones to lift your throne
In adulation
Exorbitant visions loom mythic
On your horizon
As you expropriate
The pulse of life within towering walls
Annihilate the simple citizen
Wipe the small stain from your sleeve
To vex you no more
Crushed against the glass ceiling
A cog in the corporate machine

TL Boehm
Tam hates the corporate machine

Half Light

From ash and sadness

I am the wellspring deep

The other side of madness

A place of dreamless sleep

In halflight I will wait

Cadence of life marks your fate


From the blur of tears

I am but fog and frost

Adrift within your fears

The lamentations of the lost

I bleed when children cry

Forming feathers so you fly


I am the watcher unknown

The wraith waiting at your door

The trip you take alone

To the place you’ve been before

Hold you lifeless then

Set you free again


TL Boehm


Leaving the Station



She’s leaving the station again

Nightmares laying tracks

Crossing the path

Of pain

And the machine churns

Metal sharpens metal

Throwing sparks of blood and ashes

She burns

Cog in the wheel

Turning round

Is it real

Tracks of tears leave an oily stain

She’s leaving the station again


Rumbling under cover

The fog of lost causes

The silence of moments unspoken

Ticking of the losses

The whistle stops

The tracks are broken

Stop all forward motion

Till someone flips the switch


Skin turns to stone

Wreckage of metal

Rust and bone

She opens depthless eyes


What she might have been

Lost in the vortex

Of the spinning machine

Engines locked under the strain

She only dreams

Of leaving the station again




inspired by the song "Hide and Seek" By Imogen Heap - and the morning Railrunner...


You came in on a whisper of wind

Illumined indigo moment

Transient passerby


Cool lunar hues  

Offering darkness and light

Grace in pain

With pursed lips and ashen eyes

Cradling the burned out star of my heart in hands

Cloaked - untouchable


Are you the cold omen

Frozen moment

Poems are  thrown stones

Of old broken dreams


Do you see through me

To that place

Soaked by years of tears?

Desperate dreams shriveling in the desert of my brain


Do you offer peace

Release sweet clean and free?

Reconcile the child defiled

This mystery


Once again I am

Bound and gagged by my imperfection

Expecting rejection

Haunted by your memory

As you fade from the page...


TL Boehm


Cosmic Flotsam

Cosmic flotsam

Adrift in the sparkling sky

Perhaps it was I

A snare in the net

Cast into the abyss

Dredging up soul dreams

Waiting to take wing

Before seeing my reflection

In some other set of eyes

Déjà vu

Just a mirror of you

Before my earth birth

And the reality of the chaos anew

My spirit cries

For ascension at the mention



Grace a place with bolted doors

And cold hard floors

And karma an excuse to abuse

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

Tempered steel

Turned by rust

Would I

Have chosen this life

This lie

Just to crawl from the slime again

Become that which I most fear

In an ocean of lives

I am but one salt tear.


TL Boehm


I do not believe in reincarnation....

Dream Malefic

Release of a blissful kiss
Silky sweet sleep
Lupine moon
Glossy light laced with midnight dew
An illumination of you
Solitary within
Wary shadow
In your death daze
A soul haze thin and amber eyed
Bitterness drips
Stinging nettle against your dark lips
The carapace cracked
The final act
Displays the vestige
By skeletal whispers of your past transgressions
Your purity compromised
Confessions of mephistophoelian evil
Flows from throats flagitous
Diabolical and cold
The river Styx acherontic, thick
Beleaguers your heart once eager
For the chase, the race
Catch me quick
The prize a rose
A heart that glows
I am your dream

TL Boehm
© 06/12/06 - odd wordplay

The Puppeteer

I am the puppet master, you are my toy
I pull your strings, you are at my command

My chipped creation slivered from building blocks
Worm wood dreams
Sawdust moments when the knives edge cut away clean
Splintered images refracted
I've burned a mirrored image of my sadness
Your ashen pallor sanded smooth
Rubbing against my rough existence.

You are my lessor child
My tangled secret
We spin in furtive dances
My hands tattoo an illusion of life
across the floor
Shadows and intimacies
You could have been a coffin
The breath of life will never course over you
Scratches in this lid of lies
Betrays me
I am the puppet master
of nothing.
TL Boehm

April 3.2007 

Intermittent Light

You eclipse me
Dark star on my horizon
Countenance dripping beaded ecstasy
Presence gripping
My soul in a headlock
Wrestling flesh
And primal tendencies
Wrenched from depths I cannot fathom
If I conceded ground
Would you leave me naked
Eviscerate me
Bleeding in lurid repose
Fattened and primed for feasting
Your wicked words devour me
A dagger thrust
Killpoint met
And yet I skip across the trip wires
Chasing immortality
Spitting angst and cotton candy
Flaying my inner child on your wicked altar
Baring bones and words
You eclipse me
Shadows and chains
I am only the bearer
Of intermittent light

* NO TAMMY IS NOT SATANIC - this is just one of those weirda** poems that fell out of my head. You know - the random thoughts you have while you should be - oh - amortizing something?


My PC is happy now for the moment. I have a rotten headache - but the PC is ok. I will catch up with all of you today - probably this evening.  

City Falls - words of stone

Citrine disk slips soft from sullen skies
Reflections locked in amber eyes
Illumined residue of you she cries
Dreams aloft in velvet moments rise
Gentle caress of the western wind stolen
Tentative tendrils crimson woven
Whispered gifts of passion token
Crushed magnolia petals broken
Secret southern summers flow
You spin adrift in afterglow
Onyx water masks the undertow
Drowns the flood of life you used to know
Ash and shadows shifting sand
Storms don’t hush at your command
Mimosa open in your hand
Terminal words plot your final stand
Cities fall thoughts drift away
Life unfurled in the heat of day
Words of stone fall where they may
The walls we cast we built to stay.  

Tl Boehm 2006

La Luna's Last Light

Vampire Mountains
Spew a jaundiced moon
Into a starless sky
Rabid clouds drip from tattered peaks
Tearing the frigid orb from her perch
In the void

La Luna’s last light
Slips from the crumpled page
Where my hands strangle a pen

Fingers uncurled
Translucent, pale white
Swollen with rotted flesh I have consumed
Gorged blue veins pulsing under putrid flesh
Festering with actions of anger

Wretched words
Retched into ink
In the light of day

TL Boehm


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32 Reflection of You

Thirty Two Years

I'm built like a burlap sack full of mongrel pups.

Too bad the arroyo is dry

I live in a stucco mudpile  where the kitchen linoleum peels up like iguana skin.

I wanted wicker and stained glass.

Too fragile for the lions that roar on my savannah.

I can drink and curse most men unconcious.

I'm nothing like that drunken S.O.B. you married

Whose every nasty habit crawls out of my skin unbidden.

So unlike your high school sweetie.

How amazing that genes can lie.

I sing seventies soul in the shower.

Cry poetry in twilight

This tenor voiced soprano warms with age.

When I'm forty I'll sing like Tina Turner.

WishI was black so I'd have legs like that.

I wanted a spotlight.

Drowning in a testosterone saturated puddle

Of synchronized farting, moco noses

And hot wheels sprouting from the carpet

I nurture till it hurts

Yes, you can raise tadpoles in the baby pool

Say "please and thank you".

Blow that nose in your tissue not your sleeve.

I love you, I'm so proud you can count to infinity.

Your eyes are bluer

You'll be taller

You're smarter than I was at your age.

Mama, you never let me be better than you

Ten fingers and toes, all you said you wanted - wasn't enough to make you whole.

I am a bogle in your basement

What color is the bad sheep when she's the only one?

A faded white reminder of your own failures

Captured in those curling Kodak moments

Your lithe arms draped over me

Your eyes focused on the Guy du Jour

Never felt my own small heart beating

Above the thunder of your own.

My mouth full of lava soap and spaghettios

Never able to question your omnipotence.

You still shriek in my dreams, Mama.

A jade eyed banshee screaming for a soul I cannot give you.

I never close my eyes.

I kiss my boys damp curls while they sleep

One tousled froth of lemon merangue

One butterscotch sweet against my lips.

Perfect love.

I wonder if you ever felt that ache in your heart  for me?

As you yanked that wire brush through my bristley mane

Or smacked my young ass with it?

Give me one more chance to nuzzle against you

And look up into eyes as bright as new leaves.

Let me see myself as a perfect reflection of you.

In my heart, we are whole...

TL Boehm




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