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Written in my heart

Robin's Rain

This page is dedicated to my sis from another miss: Buffi. Buffi is my best and oldest friend and has known me longer than I have been writing. It was her direct influence in 1982 that got me started writing poetry and it was her influence that put me on the path to writing Bethany's Crossing in 2004. The poems below are collaborative efforts written by the two of us.   

Picture is circa 88, Buffi, me and Rocky - conquering the mountain...Buffi's choice.

The Ending of You
What if....
What if I can't be strong
enough to bear this pain
Can't believe you're gone
What if I'm not sane
NO forgiving in this wrong
No chance to hold you again.
To tell you that I love you
To wipe away your tears
But the tears belong to me now
And the memory of the years
Gone by with you
Go by without you
You faded away into the mists
Of eternity
Of yesterday
Of pictures in my mind
Of unsurety
Tossed about in the fury
Of the journey
That you have to make on your own
Your solo effort
I cannot accompany you, my love
Left here to bemoan
Lamenting, dissenting, resenting
The day that I was born
For it was the beginning
Of this sorrow that I mourned
The ending
Of you
For Heidi and Adam
B. Manous & TL Boehm


Who I Am

In the middle of a wretched life
Nothing special that I've ever done
Another mother maybe lover just a wife
Yet sometimes it walks up behind me
In the middle of an ordinary day
And I almost see something bigger than me
And this hellish world falls away
Maybe it comes on a whispered wind
Or the rhythm marking time
Maybe it's a light in my baby's eyes
Or the lines between my best girls rhyme
And my heavy heart skips a quivering beat
And the little girl steps in
And I fall to my knees in tears and pleas
Spark my burned out soul from within
But Lord, I know that it's in your plan
That you know better than me, who I am
You saw something in my divine spark
To speak me out of nothing, dividing light from dark
I am so wonderfully and fearfully made
You knew something for your Holy hand was not stayed
I cannot possibly know what is on Your mind
For my human eyes are limited and unthankfully blind
But Thou hast cast Thy shadow upon this existance
I am but Thy creation, I lay down my resistance
If You saw fit to bring me into being
I must strive to see the wisdom that You are seeing

B. Manous & TL Boehm

Fly Away

You fly away
You disappear
Like a rainbow fading
Against a darkened sky
You fly away
You take the light
And the songs
Leaving me to cry
You fly away
My world turns gray
You fly away

Where is the light
When you’re here
You shine
Like a spotlight through my soul
Where’s the light
When you leave
My world is darker
I am not whole
Where’s the light
You’re gone from sight
You are my light

The rain falls
It seems the heavens open up
To disguise the tears running
Down my face
The rain falls
Everytime we have to say goodbye
Each Drop captures
Time and space
The rain falls
Misery calls
When the rain falls

B Manous/TL Boehm