TL Boehm - Writer

Written in my heart

The Silent Nineties.

I wrote little in the 1990's - perhaps because my children were young, my job was a drag and from 1997 to 2000 I was going to school and working full time....or maybe its just because I hit a time in my life when I was not dreaming and I felt I had little if nothing to say....

You Bought it Baby

I guess you bought it baby
You bit hook line and sinker
And here I thought that you were
Such an independent thinker
He calls and you come running
Treats you like his whore
Makes you swallow for him
You do this and more

You let him walk on you
You set women back fifty years
Swearing that you love him
While he reduces you to tears
Sister, child you are insane
Do you get off on the pain

Do you dress in splendor
Draped in pretty gifts, you flaunt them too
But will he keep hanging around
When the years ain’t been good to you
He’s a spoiled child who wants to play
And when he’s done you’re the one who’ll pay

He’s a dog who’s sniffing around
And any bone will do
When you’re all chewed up and buried
He’ll find another bone to chew
But you can’t see your mistake
You like to feel your heart break

TL Boehm
5/11/94  3/15/99

For B and A it’s a partnership not indentured servitude.

The Bottom of the Same Well

Don’t need no funky acid trip
No needle in my veins
No herbicide or crystal meth
No pills no crack cocaine

Don’t need no psychobabble
To define my mental state
Don’t need no TV talk show host
Tellin’ me if I’m gay or straight

It ain’t gonna get me higher
Than I know I’ve been
Ain’t gonna drag me deeper
Than the hole that I am in

You don’t know nothin’ bout my life
As I’m scratching out my hole in Hell
Never say I’m better than you
We’re starin’ up from the bottom of the same well

It takes more than holy water
To wash my sins away
No divine intervention
Solve all my problems in one day

God put me on this earth
To survive
Scratchin’ out my little existence
Givin’ me what I need to survive

If I throw myself from the cliff I’m on
No angels gonna jump to break my fall
You can’t hang up on God if you don’t like
The answer to your call

TL Boehm
5/95  9/95  11/20/96

For Billy and Allison, For Gina, and Justin


Your Baddest Nightmare

Pacing like a lion
Behind these civilized bars
The crack the whip of humanity
Lacing my soul with scars
I wanna be an animal
And stalk my prey in the dark
I wanna taste the blood of the kill
When passion finds its mark

So you think I’m a frail thing
Scared of the big bad world outside
While you’re slaying every dragon
I’m cowering behind you terrified
So you think you are my hero
In awe of all you do
I might sink my fangs into your heart
Cause I’m a monster just like you

So you are my savior
I am helpless at your feet
You’re the owner and the master
And your victory is sweet
And you’ve opened up my eyes
From my scary little dream
But don’t turn your back on me
Cause I know what makes you scream

I am your baddest nightmare
The blackest secret you told
The skeleton in your closet
The terror that you hold
I am the voice inside of you
That makes your blood run cold
I am your baddest nightmare
The sacrifice, the soul you sold

TL Boehm 
86 1/95  4/6/95

For Frances and Terry 

If You Think

More angst...I am the green eyed banshee...

If You Think

If you think
You can enchant me
With sweet words
And tender looks
You are wrong
I am your Medusa
My eyes burn through your façade

If you think you are the spring lamb
Led innocent to the slaughter
You are wrong
You’re the jackal in the shadows
Too cowardly to step forward
Feeding off the spoils of another victor

If you think you’ll be the victor
Your prize shining in the sun
The you’re blind to the shackles
Round your heart
Forged by the evil things you’ve done
I know your executioner
Pick up the mirror
And meet your monster
If you can get past your reflection
Maybe I’ll see you in Hell

TL Boehm
C: 85  10/11/94

For Troy, and Pauline



Hold me
Trembling in your eyes
A captured fawn
One sound
I will run
Be silent
I will lie down at your feet
And give my life
To you

Give me that perfect moment
When sunlight fills your eyes
And the wild thing in your heart

Remember the one who loves you more
You hold my soul
Trembling in your eyes

TL Boehm