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The Spawn Files - For Eric Boehm

This page is dedicated to my second son - Eric - with infinite love

Forward Motion

Forward Motion


the eurythmy of laughter
Spilling from a child's eyes
graceful cadenced daydreams
The dance of life
Ebbs and flows
Warm rain to sate
My vacillating heart
A symphony of prayers
ascend on measured steps
Vibrant life
In weathered hands
May I have this dance
TL Boehm 082808
For Fred and Eric


Autumnal Eyes

Autumnal Eyes
Like October skies
Lights wane in the fading son
This abyss of blue
Drowns the child in you
And the shadows find me undone

What could I give
Bless the life you live
Build a fortress against the pain
Yet a stone or two
Wont shelter you
The deluge crashes down again

What spares the child
To the path laid at his feet
Even as I pray
I can’t love this away
If your heart refuses to beat

That babe in my arms
Once fragile and warm
Grows colder by degrees
Slipping away
Like a summer day
This chill before the freeze

Is it worth the cost
Sweet seconds lost
Opportunity slips softly by
Cling fiercely to you
As mothers do
Chase more than tears from autumnal eyes.


- writtenfor my eleven year old son, Eric, who was threatening suicide.


Send the Rain

Azure eyes
Like western skies
My precious porcelain doll
What I wouldn’t do
To protect you
I am here to break your fall

Then you send the rain
With the force of a hurricane
And I’m flung from your shore
Rage tears us usunder
Like lightning and the thunder
I’m crouched and cowering on the floor

Tormented child
Defiant, wild
Where is my precious son
What I wouldn’t do
To bring you through
This nightmare little one

In the eye of the hurricane
The storm will rage again
I brace my heart for your storm
I wait for the day
When the clouds drift away
And you’re at peace in my arms safe and warm

TL Boehm

For Eric B – ODD? Bipolar? Depressed? Yet still I love him…

Dragon Child

Dragon child

You spit venom and fire
Scorched ground around you
Black and cracked yet molten
Crimson bleeds beneath the surface
How long can I pick my way
Through ashes
Before your rage chars my heart
Beyond beating

TL Boehm 2/2/06 For Eric

In a moment of frustration that is too complex for the available bandwidth - I wrote this for my younger son. We are always crawling uphill - the two of us - bearing the weight of our ancestral curses on our frail human souls. So quickly a beautiful day can decay - becoming chaotic, tearful, so incredibly sad. There are so many catch phrases to define the monster we fight - ODD, anger issues, obsessive...the genetic flaw that put my grandad in his grave - emotionally stunted my dad, and twisted my heart for so many years. It still taps on the window when I think I am alone - it cries....and occassionally I answer...its a tragic thing we share - and I am committed to killing it before it destroys a third and fourth generation. As with any warrior, sometimes I am trounced thoroughly. Beaten and bloody...all from the monster within a ten year old child...inherited from me...

I planned to "complete" the poem above last night but decided instead to let the feeling go. I do not want to give the banshee more time on paper. Eric seems "normal" this morning. No tears or screaming from either of us. I do love him. I've learned to love deeply...and I know that someday my love will burn deeper than my rage. I will impart this to my boy as well. (God wins...always)